List Of Documents That Require Translation To Live, Visit Or Study In Another Country.

Documents are present in our lives in different ways, from a simple ID or CPF to a driver’s license. However, some need special care, especially when we talk about their validity in other countries. Be aware that, if you want to travel, work or live abroad, some documents require a translation to be valid.

And Which Documents Require Translation?

Throughout this article, we will list the documents you will invariably need to translate based on what you will do in another country. Check out!

  1. Certificates And Certifications

One thing is sure: the birth certificate proves you exist. Because of this, it ends up being required for several processes, such as marriages, adoptions, application for dual citizenship, and receipt of the inheritance.

And it doesn’t stop there, since most work and study visas request this document adequately translated. Therefore, it is mandatory to translate it. Certifications are documents that guarantee your ability to perform certain activities and functions.

Commonly, certifications related to negotiations, driver’s licenses, and licenses for exports and imports, for example, are some documents that also require translation.

  1. Immigration Documents

Immigration documents must be translated. However, the requirement varies significantly from country to country.

In other words, to be entirely sure that your destination requires a translation of your immigration document, you must contact the responsible consulate to find out if you already have all the necessary documents and which ones will need a translation.

  1. Curriculum And Diploma

The curriculum, as well as the diploma, need translation so that they can be recognized abroad. These documents must be translated, as the government or other competent bodies will verify your level of education if you want to work or study abroad.

Without these documents correctly translated, they are not valid, and it is as if you had even studied or worked in another country.

  1. Financial Records

The financial record ensures that you have the means to support yourself in another country. Furthermore, it is a document that proves that you have enough resources to cover, for example, the costs of starting a business. Commonly, this type of document makes all the difference in processes such as marriages or adoptions.

In general terms, we can say that the financial records serve to make everyone aware of their situation to understand whether or not they can remain in the country. Therefore, due to its importance, it is naturally among the documents that require translation of languages like Indonesian Russian translation (terjemahan indonesia rusia which is the term in Thai).

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