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We all need something that will keep us updated on good memories and help us create new ones, and wine was for me this year in this department. However, 2020 hasn’t been a particularly exciting year for us due to COVID. Overall, however, the wine made an important contribution to what happened this year.    

This wine shape-shifting beast showed me that champagne can age perfectly and be very versatile at the table. Of course, it took me a few years to warm up to Pinot (I bought a flyer on Volnay early in my wine days, which I probably would love now, which wasn’t going well then). This year’s research has once again confirmed the integrity of Pinot Noir as one of the noble wines for me.    

The three wines presented here belong to the Bereche is Crus Selections program. To expand the range of Champagne terroirs they represent and to meet the truly huge global demand for their small wines, Vincent and Raphael began visiting the best of the best small Champagne farms and tasting their yeast-maturing wines. They do not use commercial yeast, malolactic fermentation is blocked in everything except reserve wines, yeast aging lasts three to eight years (“to promote terroir expression”), and all bottles are emptied by hand.    

Bereche & Fils avoids malolactic fermentation, but primarily prefers barrel fermentation. In addition, at Brut Riserva, 30% of the wine comes from wines through a perpetual collection system over several vintages. Every year, two-thirds of the wine from each barrel is replaced with wine from the last harvest. Avoid malolactic fermentation to balance the richness and depth of each wine with excellent acidity.    

The cork is believed to allow slightly more oxygen into the wine during the second fermentation, resulting in champagne with finer bubbles and a seamless texture. This exposes young wine to small amounts of oxygen, which they believe will help maintain its character and complexity over time. Even in mature and sunny vintages like 2012, the wines retain their freshness and exceptional overall balance.    

It usually has fruity and full notes of citrus, apple, and quince, and like all company wines, malolactic fermentation is avoided. Two-thirds of it is Pinot Noir, including a small percentage of calm wine for color, with a Chardonnay balance. This, like all Domaines wines, is a champagne of extraordinary originality and elegance thanks to its unique website and the approach of its producers. Each wine tries to give a clear idea of ​​the personality of its village, seen through the lens of Bereche, and each is unique champagne.    

They can be blended or bottled as separate varietal champagnes, depending on the final wine style desired. Whether white or rosé, most champagne is made from a mixture of red and white grapes, and a unique rose is often made by mixing red and white wine.    

The range starts with Brut Riserva, a blend of 70% of the base year wines with balanced reserve wines that make up about one-third of each of the three main grape varieties. The current version of Bereche Brut Reserve is based on the 2018 vintage (65%) with the remaining stocks of the previous two vintages. If you are looking for balanced, elegant, piquant, and fresh champagne, but not overly spicy, then Roger Pouillon et Fils Brut Réserve Champagne is the bottle for you. Bereche & Fils Champagne Brut Reserve Vieilles Vignes is technically an entry-level wine, but its potency is much higher.    

The Bereche brothers adore their work, and their love for the family vineyards and respect for terroir-oriented champagne is evident not only in their liveliness but especially in the quality of their wines. Online wine auctions grow organically, produce wine with the utmost care, and create champagne with extraordinary grace, excitement, and sophistication. A few decades ago, my grandfather produced only 20,000 bottles; their parents increased their production to 80,000 bottles; and today the Bereche brothers, with the help of ten workers employed in the vineyard, produce more than 110,000 bottles of champagne a year. However, it was the pioneering work of the young Raphael and Vincent Béchet that made it one of the most talked-about champagne houses, first among French sommeliers, caves, and connoisseurs, and now their counterparts in the United States.    

They shared roles – Raphael works in the cellar and Vincent works in the vineyards – and it was on a particularly sunny June day that we met Raphael to learn more about this ambitious home. The champagne maker, Bereche & Fils, tucked away in a surprisingly winding stretch of road, not quite in Ludes and not quite in Maylie.    

The key to the fantastic complexity of Bereche Champagnes is the number of different terroirs that make up the estate’s estates. Indeed, many authorities believe that Bereche et Fils Champagne has now taken its place among the top home furnishings and producers in the region. Simply put, it is one of the most compelling innovations on the market for champagne producers.    

This is a full-bodied, thick, cider, creamy, yeast, and brioche champagne that stands out very distinctly – and elegantly – with a much more common profile than what appears to be one of the dominant striptease wine trends today – your acidic glaze. It is for this reason that this is my favorite champagne to drink on its own. This is not extreme champagne, but a successful combination of the Mareuil-Sur-Hey terroir and the ability to shape and create in the basement thanks to the subtle game of alchemy.    

We rarely drink more than two or three bottles of any vintage of any wine because we value variety, but in 2020 we ran out of more than one box. I also spoke to friends who bought crates of Brut Riserva here in the US and reported a decent bottle option for this wine. It’s also a bit silly because champagne is one of the best wines to pair with food, period.    

If the cost of the bottles of wine is less than $ 15, we will not support the order, but will simply automatically replace the wine with a comparable wine. In rare cases, a selected wine vintage may be out of stock or be replaced with a new edition after placing an order. If your order is placed before noon, we will receive it by truck on the same day.    

Delivery times vary greatly between Australia Post and unfortunately, there is no express delivery of wine (because it is fragile and heavy). Shipping is free for any order over $ 149 or just $ 10 for orders under $ 149. All orders are fully insured, so you can shop with complete confidence that these delicious drinks will be delivered in top-notch shape. 


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