Salt Lake City’s Alternative Medical Insurance

Unfortunately, the quality of health care services is not accessible to many people in the US. On top of that, healthcare insurance companies have the power to withhold expensive medications, test,s and various services by reducing coverage. For 25 years, Zenith Family Health continues to simplify the complex task of choosing a health care insurance plan by offering alternative medical insurance in Salt Lake City.

The healthcare system is currently forcing patients to count on government or private for moderate healthcare. With insurance, there is no way around the “middlemen” who generally dictate what kind of care the patient receives. When eliminating this issue, better more direct healthcare is provided. This is exactly what Zenith Family Health offers with an alternative medical insurance contributing hands-on affordable primary care for all ages.

With high cost, and not the highest quality approach the traditional healthcare system provides, alternative medical insurance is a way to go. Direct care allows for more time with the doctor than is typically needed. Zenith Family Health believes with their alternative medical approach, that patients will finally get the quality of health services they deserve. With a patient-centered environment, customized healthcare plans are tailored to each person’s unique story.

Zenith Family Health brings a modern touch to their alternative medical insurance by offering Televisits. Allowing their patients to speak to a doctor from the comfort of their home. As Zenith strives for convenience, same-day and weekend appointments are available in the Salt Lake City clinic.

Instead of paying monthly premiums to your health insurance company, patients can become Zenith Direct care members with affordable monthly costs. This program is designed to cover patients’ healthcare needs even beyond the office. Such as providing care with specialists, imaging centers, and hospitals in Salt Lake City. Zenith’s membership offers patience with unlimited access to their healthcare provider. Many benefits are acquired, one being a pharmacy discount card allowing patients to save on all prescriptions. The overall healthcare costs are decreased when using Zenith’s alternative medical insurance.

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Zenith Direct Care offers an alternative medical insurance to those of Salt Lake City.

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