Tips On How To Build A Structured Network For Your Company

Your company is growing fast, and you need to structure some points better. There is a lot of talk about the need to have a structured network for the company, but what exactly is this about?

The network is the mainstay of your company when it comes to data communication. Therefore, in this post, we will address some essential points to build a very efficient structured network or industrial ethernet for your company. Check out the practical ideas to be sure when starting your project.

  1. Electrical Infrastructure

Your project must also include the electrical installation stage, as it is a condition to make your network work. You must provide an excellent electrical installation, with exclusive generators for your servers, independent from the rest of the company. But beware: for the electrical installation, consider hiring a specialized company. This saves you time and minimizes risks.

  1. Number Of Servers

You need to know which and how many technologies will be managed by your network at this stage. For example, will you use a Windows server? Linux systems? Will you need a camera system? Access control and among others? This way, it will be possible to understand if you will need only a more robust server (with the capacity to place several technologies inside it) or more.

  1. Redundancy System

All things are susceptible to failures and unforeseen events, aren’t they? And right now, I’m not just talking about failures in planning, but also external factors, such as a power outage in the region where your company is located.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a Plan B to guarantee the availability of equipment operation in case of any failures in the main system. This way, your company, and its employees will be able to continue operating normally. In these situations, you will thank yourself for having a sound backup system to save your day.

Try to map and note all possible unforeseen events and select the action plan. An example is a power outage. Does your company provide 24-hour service, or does it need to operate in any situation? So you will need a light generator ready to be used in an emergency.

  1. Dedicated Internet Provider

Today it is no longer an option to be online or not, so having a quality internet provider is necessary to ensure the stability of the network and the online status of your company full time. In this case, it is even worth considering the possibility of hiring from more than one provider company, as a backup can also come into play here.


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