Assessing the Importance of Starting a Career in High School

Back in the day, it was easier for students to put in a few hours during school years and in the summer to easily pay for college expenses. However, times have changed; high schoolers today are being pressured by piles of homework, club activities, and fees that are simply too expensive to be covered by an entry-level job. Hence, many people are starting to find other ways to manage their high school lives more efficiently.

After much consideration, it was found out that starting a proper career during high school was way more beneficial than just getting a paycheck. According to Walden University, about 30% of high school students have a job for nearly a portion of their school year.

There have been various reasons why students are beginning a career earlier in their learning years. For some, it is to pay off their own school expenses without burdening their family, while for others, having a job means having some extra money to spend on their own needs. For whatever reason, having a job can bring forth many benefits that go beyond these reasons.

Vocational School Training

Vocational education plays a large role in helping students in learning how to hone their skills by taking up employment in their choice of craft or even trades as an artisan or tradesperson.

According to the latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was found out that around 68% of students in high school were attending college. In other words, more than 30% of students graduate without job or academic skills. Through vocational schools, this scenario will dramatically change and bring about a major difference in enhancing the job based abilities in students before they enter the working field.

Valuable Job Experience

Many kids who start their career as soon as they graduate have a lot of trouble adjusting to the work environment, and it can take them quite a while before they can get adjusted. However, people who had started their career during their academic years have already had this experience – and after entering the professional industry after graduation, they can utilize their skills and make a name for themselves in the company earlier on.

Moreover, many companies are more likely to hire people who have prior work experience. Your days working as a student are considered a valuable asset to their business, and having the reputation of having expertise will place you ahead of the rest of the applicants.

Teaching Workplaces Ethics

No matter where you are employed, be that a bank or a restaurant, you will be taught on how to navigate your way into the workplace. By becoming more aware of the workplace structure, you will become more aware of how to do your job alongside your co-workers and how to deal with your boss to maintain an overall effective working environment.

Consequently, you will be equipped with the skills you need to operate in a fast-paced working environment without being overwhelmed in the process. Working with all kinds of people will push you to adjust your behavior and uphold your responsibilities to not risk losing your job.

However, as rewarding as these benefits are, many students are still hesitant to partake in an early career. Hence, many leading figures, such as Srikanth Reddy Gaddam, are coming up with various strategies that will ease certain students into joining the working field and navigate their way on from there.

As an American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Gaddam has made accomplished many business approaches in his years working in the professional sector. His most notable business endeavors include finding and being the CEO of ERP Analysts Inc., – an IT service company that includes new technology adoptions for Digital Transformation, PeopleSoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Workday, Managed Services, Data Analytics, and Campus Solutions. It initially started with two members but has now grown into a multi-million-dollar firm and has even obtained SBA certification.

Gaddam wishes to become an inspiration for the new generation and use his work experience to guide them into the professional sector. Hence, he created the Sponsor Kids Foundation, where a team of motivated students are recruited to give them a chance to learn entrepreneurial skills and hopefully one day get the inspiration they need to kick start their career during their educational years.

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