Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

Over the past several years, with more organizations are adopting mobile phones as their primary business communication tool, there has been a great increase in companies looking into instant message recording. Through the use of cellular over-the-air (C block) and other advanced services, these companies are able to capture all of the necessary information for a variety of purposes including instant messaging (through RMS), video conferencing, and remote desktop software. This is done by utilizing the phone’s on-screen keyboard or the tap-and-drag functionality of the device. With all of the benefits this technology brings to organizations, there are also several pitfalls that companies should avoid if they wish to utilize these services for their own benefit.

One of the biggest pitfalls of using instant message archiving programs and services is the over-use of cellular phones in general. While it may seem as though it would be ideal to simply have business text archiving programs go directly to cellular phones and convert voice calls into text, the reality of the situation is that cellular phones are just too clunky and complex for that functionality. Additionally, in order for a business to make the most out of their investment in any one form of mobile messaging, they need to have an actual person on the other end of the call or instant text message recording.

Another of the top pitfalls to watch out for is the use of over-the-top application programming interfaces (APIs). These are usually referred to as “high level” or “full-service” APIs because of the service they provide to their customers. For instance, if an organization were to purchase a cellular phone package, they would be given access to a plethora of different services and functions, such as IMR. However, most businesses want a simpler method of getting their hands on all this functionality, and a company could accomplish this goal by going with an in-network capture solution instead. Most of the time, a business will find that this transition goes smoothly and with little or no difficulty at all.

Check out more of the top pitfalls with mobile archiving from this infographic of Telemessage.

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